Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection

I receive calls every day, many calls actually, from people I am discipling. We are in a “discipleship relationship”. We also are working a discipleship process, which involves a highly specified discipleship method.

It is so great to have people start from a place of need and call and ask for help, but not every body "reaches their bottom" and calls for help. Nonetheless, every body actually does need help. This post is intended to get you really thinking about starting such a highly intentional discipleship program. After this post (I promise) I will begin to articulate the content of the program itself. Admittedly, I am having trouble getting the process down on paper. Patience...thanks.

A Simple Question
Should you get in a discipleship relationship with someone who can lead you through a process of spiritual transformation? Instead, you could keep doing the same thing and expect different results. That is an option. For me, I have real problems that are readily apparent from my perspective to require serious intervention.

What is Your Problem?
For some of us if we were to ask this question, our problems would be something like, “My problem is trying to get everything done that needs to get done. Because I work so hard I, yeah, am pretty burnt out”. Oh, I know how to solve that problem. That is a spiritual problem. Do these few simple rigorous spiritual steps, and, if you do them right, your problem will be solved. At least the “I feel burnt out” part will be solved.

For others the problem might be we struggle with anger or lust. Well, I know how to solve those problems too. Those are spiritual problems. Follow these few rigorous spiritual steps, and, if you do it right, your problem will virtually evaporate. You will wake up one day and realize the problem is gone.

Some of us are just not very happy. Well, I know how to solve that one too…

My Problem
For me the problem is something like this. I don’t turn the other cheek very well of if I do I still whine to the Mrs.. I also do not go the extra mile and I have a hard time being “perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect”. Control of the tongue so that only what is wholesome and profitable is a bit of a problem at times. These problem for a long time baffled me, but there is a spiritual answer for these problem as well.

The Point
We all need to learn the spiritual principles Jesus taught us, and we all need to learn them in the context of a mentor who is better at it than we are. it is vital to accept that the passionate pursuit of perfection is great motivation to drive all of us into getting help, figuring out a method that works, and thereby entering discipleship relationships. If our goals are high enough, our need will be apparent. Do you possess a heavenly quality of life??

Well, just such a life is within reach!!! It is vital that we all change our minds about our expectations for just how free from our shortcomings we can be. Yes, just like Jesus promised, the kingdom of heaven is within reach…believe the gospel.

God Bless,

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