Friday, November 11, 2005

Light Post - Gifts and Books

I promised to post today on the need to regulate spiritual gifts, but this will have to wait until tomorrow. I will attempt to show that charismatics have not developed a method of defense against the false use of gifts and are somewhat libertine regarding the gifts of the spirit while on the other hand the cessationists have erected a wall that is unbiblical. So look for this post over the weekend...

On the subject of Gifts, there seems to be others likewise finding balance.
Here is the money quote from John at Blogotional:
Each has conceded the other's major point in the discussion to date -- David agrees that the Spirit, in fact, acts boldly today, and Adrian concedes that authoritative revelation has ceased. This puts the two of them very much in the same territory, the difference now being emphasis, vocabulary and interpretation, as opposed to basic principles. That's real progress.

So, for more info, go to John's blog and follow the links to David Wayne and Adrian Warnock's posts.

A great link to a book list from Hearts and Minds Bookstore (HT Gideon Strauss).

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