Friday, April 07, 2006

Ben Witherington On The Gospel of Judas

Ben Witherington on the Gospel of Judas.

Ben Witherington does a good job looking at the so-called new finding regarding Gnosticism in the 2nd and 3rd Century AD. Dr. W notes that the real problem with this event is not the finding but with it's reporting. The find is a valuable find to shed light on the Gnostic heresy which developed in the 2nd century AD (denounced as heresy in 180AD). This new find reveals more regarding the anti-Hebrew nature of the Gnostic beliefs and confirms what theologians already know which is that Gnosticism was a very real sect 150 years after the founding of the church.

But for reporters and academics alike to act like this sheds light on first century Christianity or the first 200 years of church beliefs is completely disingenuous.

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