Monday, July 03, 2006

Adrian's Blog on Blogging and On Blogging from Me

Adrian's Blog

As is obvious, I do not blog as intensely as I used to...but maybe that could change. I read this post by Adrian and see how he has some good things going:
1. He uses technology very well: lots of tags and lots of categories. This allows him to have numerous projects going on simultaneously. This is how the 21st Century mind works. We have many projects in the air at the same time and we move some of them forward every day and others forward on other days. Ultimately, the projects get done. So too with blogging IF WE ORGANIZE PROPERLY!!! Adrian uses organization tools and technology to help his efforts have more focus and effectiveness.

2. Adrian has an administrative assistant. So to run his blog Adrian uses a helper to do all the work of getting links and beefing up his organization of his projects. WOW this is a powerful combination. So ....

If anyone in LA thinks they are interested in helping me change my blog and start utilizing technology and all that is needed to have a good blog...well maybe the reformation would be better for it...


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