Monday, February 05, 2007

Organic Church and The Starfish and the Spider

I am a very slow yet thorough reader. So reading a book is a big investment for me. I am reluctant to invest time into reading when I could spend the time with a person.

That said for me to recommend books is a big deal.
So here are two book recommendations.


Organic Church, by Neil Cole. My recent posts on The Necessity of Cell Groups of Two or Three Interacting Daily and The Church or the Kingdom were reflections on this book. I will re-read this book periodically to keep myself focused on what I believe God is doing in our lives.

Second recommendation...

I opened this book this weekend and so much of what this book says explains how the early church functioned. I will definitely post on the ramifications of this book and the truth about leaderless organizations that Jesus commands when He said..."call no one on earth your leader".
God Bless, brad

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