Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ben Bernanke's monetary policy - What's Next?

Next steps by Chris Payne
(This post has been slightly revised.)
This is a dire article. But the gist is as follows: Bernanke has very little policy left. The next actions are to prop up the bond prices up by buying moor securities. They then print money to pay for them. They also need to make a stronger statement that interest rates are going to stay real low for a real long time. This is really just a confidence builder. Really the last thing is to change the targets to desiring inflation. This means that their models change and they take more stimulative action.
BUT here is the problem. None of this is real action. All this leads to the big fact that the only way out is further fiscal stimulus. The problem with this is that congress can't pass such a stimulus. The republican appointed Bernanke can't team up with a bi-partisan group of moderates and the administration to do what is only rational and reasonable. The math is all pretty simple. All this is pretty discouraging.
The root cause of this inability to solve this problem is I think an American populous that doesn't understand the macro-economics necessary during a crisis like this. Americans seem to not understand the need for policies that fit circumstances and, instead, remain transfixed in their partisan ideologies.

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