Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spiritual Disciplines 2 - Family Bible Reading

Aaron and Hur Help Moses
During the Battle with Amalek
I mentioned scripture memory in this brief post, An Example of Spiritual Discipline - Scripture Memory - Two Verses a Day. Today, I want to suggest a very simple way to teach your children the basics of the bible.
Looking at most bibles, the history sections of the Old Testament, from Genesis to Ester, are usually about 350-400 pages long. For example in the NASB bible that our family reads, this portion of scripture is 369 pages. So as a family, our goal is to read one page a day for a year.

Using this one page a day method, we will read all the old testament stories in one year. I have six children and the little one's are not ready to understand the poetry of the prophets. So I do not consider the prophets as part of there basic bible education. To cover the prophets, we will pick a few key verses (i.e. promises and challenges) and memorize these together as a family. The same would be true for the psalms and proverbs.

So by coupling these two simple disciplines of one page a day bible reading through the historical books of the Old Testament and scripture memory, it is easy to give your children a solid biblical education.


Nate said...

Very good way to unite a family and remain on mission together. When it is expected as a group it keeps each individual consistent!

brad said...

The definition of a discipline is long term consistency. The fruit is in the long run.