Thursday, October 14, 2004

Emerging Church Blogs

Been working my way around the "emerging church" blogs trying to get an understanding of what this is all about. I personally have a lot of expereince in the Vineyard and I myself am trying to empasize some similar ideas like "entering the biblical story".

I do not want to go into what the emerging church movement is. I would rather let the blogs speak for themsleves. So To get a taste for emerging church maybe start with this post by Todd Hunter on Missional Church.

Here is another good taste and this person blogs regularly. Good post
Here is a great blog and a series on why people leave churches and choose the church they choose (why leave churches).
Here is another site I think deserves a good read. This site has great music. This guy is real good.

Winn Griffin has a few sites worth looking at WinnNotes and SBL Winn griffin is a scholar who used to work with John Wimber and the gang.

What is Emergent??
The question is always what does it mean to be a Christian? Or what does it mean to do church? The key word is often Deconstruction. Brian McClaren, his web page here, is the number one read (A Generous Orthodoxy)for the emerging ministers.

And of course, I am going to post a link to my blog and a recent little article about deconstruction.

So visit this site and work your way around and maybe we can all learn a bit about some emergent church planters. My fav so far is Adam Feldman. Ok that's a little disorganized but a start. brad

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thanks for the mention, brad. hope i won't let your viewers down. ;^)

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