Monday, October 11, 2004

Psalm 1 and Galatians 3 - More Practical Hints on Prayer and Power

This week, I am going to work us through building a prayer list. I am doing the same from the pulpit. From the pulpit, this weekend, I started getting folks to begin to align their intention toward prayer and meditation on the Word from Psalm 1. Here, this week my posts are going to be about approaching God with a Gospel orientation from Galatians 3 and Romans 7. I used these passages, especially Romans 7, for years in the pastorate. Romans 7:1-4 is one of my favorite passages in all of scripture. I will post on this passage tonight but first a review of Psalm 1.

My big point was on Exercising Means.
In the church, we often expect growth without exercising the means to grow namely making contacts and walking the neighborhood. I am sure there are hundreds of great churches out there who had a great service this weekend and experienced loving community BUT the neighborhood around them really doesn't know that such great God stuff is happening just down the street.
In the book of Acts, the whole community was a buzz about what was happening. We need to exercise the means to let people know the great things that God is doing in the Kingdom Community we are worshipping at.

So the same is true with our personal sanctification. We often expect things to happen and yet we do not exercise the basic means to see the process through. Psalm 1 starts the whole ball rolling with the most general overview of how spirituality works. So this weekend, we began the beginning of "How to be Blessed" basics 101. Psalm 1 says Blessed is the man who ... meditates on the word day and night". To make a long story short, we as a congregation (and a s individuals) made some commitments learn what this means together. It begins with a basic commitment. If the "blessed MAN" dwells in me by grace than I can co-labor with Him and learn how to "delight" in the word and meditate on His Word day and night. So together we started with a commitment of 30 minutes a day and my aim personally is to grow this time considerably.

Next week, I am teaching on Galatians 3. I need to go to work right now BUT I will blog on the following passages Galatians 3 and Romans 7-8. Later tonight.

I hope folks are working on starting a prayer list. These passages Galatians 3 and Romans 7-8 will help us start any prayer time oriented toward grace and power and are great tools to start to begin any prayer time.

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