Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blog Swarm Update and Other Opportunities to Love the Least of These

Catez at Allthings2All is the hub of the Darfur blog swarm. Plese submit posts by Midnight EST this Sunday May 15th. More Info here.

Also, Tod Bolsinger is launching a long term development program in Malawi in cluding Child Sponsership with World Vision. Go to this link to support.

Both of these projects, the Blog Swarm for the crisis in Sudan and the long-term village/nation sponsership campaign at SCPC, are great examples of blogging for the world. Let's use the new media for the mobilization of the wealth of the West for the sake of the world.

Also, I am doing some discipleship with our kids. My children have decided they want to be "a missionary family". Also, my wife and I desire to disciple our children in the compassion of Christ. So I am doing a fun campaign called: "Pounds for Peacekeepers". I am going to give a sum of money for each pound I lose. So basically, "Daddy isn't eating dinner because he is losing weigh for the refugees in the Sudan" will become part of our dinner table ritual. Also, I weigh myself in the morning and then write a check if I lost any weight. The whole idea is to make compassion part of the culture of our home. Pretty cool lesson plan for this month in the on-going discipleship of our kids.
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