Sunday, May 01, 2005

Discipleship 101 - Putting to Death the Deeds of the Body BY THE SPIRIT

WARNING:Listen to this sermon at your own risk!(stream)! (download)
We have been discussing lately the vital need in the church for a discipleship methodology, a learning community, that is effective in bringing Christians into the new life and the new story of deliverance from all that ails us.

It is a huge paraigm shift in the church to begin to see that the process takes place, not between the individual soul and the Lord, but in the context of community. The bible has a word for this deliverance process being worked out in the context of community. It is called confession of sin (1 John 1:9)

Do you have a confidant to whom you are accountable? Do you have someone who you have confessed all your shortcomings and who knows your private life? Have you confessed and are you continually confessing the exact nature of your shortcomings and sins to this person? If yes, I will bet you are experiencing new life and a new deliverance. The body of Christ makes real to us all the deliverance we have in "theory". The body lives out the "no condemnation" reality which is true in the Spirit. The body makes forgiveness and the kingdom real.

Watch that 5th step. Its a doosie!!

Here is a sermon on the Path to Victory over Sin!!!! (stream) (download)

This sermon is the proclamation of all we have been discussing here regarding the "New 95 Theses Project"

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