Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Heart of the Gospel - Mercy

Sermon on Mercy and Resentments Inventory (stream) (download)

A little more info on the sermon above. The discipleship program of Jesus is actually rather simple. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus states a few root causes and heart sources of sin that are the source of all our problems.
Anger: We harbor resentments and find that we say "what a knucklehead" etc to others and our anger causes harm. The answer to this problem is rather simple. We must forgive and bless these people. Forgiving and blessing is the lifestyle of the disciple.
Pride: The fact is in many of the instances in which we have conflict with people we are to blame. So if we know our brother has something against us we need to go and "make peace". In other words, we have to confess our wrongs and humble our selves. The answer is to make apology, amends and humble oursleves.
Lust: Jesus says sexual lust is a problem that also must be dealt with ruthlessly.

In chapter 6, Jesus begins to deal with two problems fear and its offspring, greed. The love of money is the root of all kinds of problems. Pagans seek after money sex and power and well, Christians simply must confess these problems and ask for deliverance. Sex, anger and money: these are the ways of the world of which Jesus simply asks us to be honest about and ask the kingdom to come and rid our hearts of these vices.

The above sermon deals with this first problem and gives some practical ways to overcome resentments and to practice forgiveness and blessing on a daily basis.


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