Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sermon on the Mount - Sermon Series - Sermon #3 Meekness

I have been preaching a practical series on the discipleship method of Jesus and the narrow path to true happiness and a heavenly quality of life.

Today's sermon:
Sermon #3 - Meekness - The Doorway into the Kingdom (stream) (download)

Jesus Christ brings to those who follow Him a path, a spiritual program of discipleship, that leads to a quality of life that is stunningly morally beautiful. I believe there is a method to teach others to enter into this life. The method is not just preaching but also mentoring and modeling and discussing the path together. The method involves teaching but also intimacy and openness.

Our church is developing discipleship relationships and following, as best as we know how, the teachings of Jesus. We are learning together how to be followers of Jesus.

Our series and our discipleship program of mentoring began with understanding our spiritual poverty. We build our spiritual life on a foundation of an awareness of our abiding need, but to know this we have made some helpful journaling tools (I will post these later) and go through these together in our smaller group meetings. I am finding that people are calling one another and meeting almost daily to work and confess their powerlessness. Today we moved onward into the idea of meekness and began to look at "Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth". Here is the closing prayer:

Father, I am through with the self-willed life. I cease playing God and director of my life and the lives of others. I turn my life and will over to the care of Jesus Christ, the shepherd of my soul. I embrace the path of meekness and submission. I embrace absolute tolerance, absolute love, and absolute forgiveness. Teach me and lead me. Protect me as I trust in You. I accept all of your will and believe that you will lead me into true happiness and a heavenly quality of life.

So here is the whole sermon series so far:
Sermon #1 - The Discipleship Program of Jesus and the Mission of the Church(stream) (download)
Sermon #2 - Admitting Our Spiritual Poverty and Powerlessness (stream) (download)
Sermon #3 Meekness (stream) (download)

God Bless,

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