Friday, September 02, 2005

The Simple Path and the Even Simpler Path - Summary of Discipleship 101

I realize that it is very hard for us to change our worldview as a result of reading a blog post or in fact reading any essay. Worldview really changes from seeing lives changed by the power of God. We know the truth by its fruit. So all I can say is the teachings of Jesus work and ya’ gotta trust Him on that one a little. That being said, here is a simple post on the simple path that I have found through the years to really really work!!!!

In discipleship as in any teaching situation, a good mentor can keep it simple. Here is a simple path to a changed life as I see it. Jesus’ teaching as summarized in the Sermon on the Mount can be summarized in a very simple path. Jesus warned us that if we do not build our entire perspective of life on these commands that we are not truly in our hearts taking Him as our Lord. Here is a simple summary of the teaching of Jesus and the path to the Kingdom as I understand them. I have found these principles to be a great source of power and a perfect path to abiding “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17).

A Simple Path
1. Jesus’ teachings are a lot smarter and simpler than all our philosophy and psychological figuring.
2. We lack power. That is our problem.
3. We lack power because we are self-centered by nature.
4. Why you are self centered is not important and in fact focusing on how our self-centeredness developed can lead to rationalizing our self-centeredness. This rationalization often leads to self-pity and victimhood.
5. Anger is the big killer and is a result of thousands of forms of self-centeredness.
6. Look at every form of anger and resentments and every instance of anger and find the root of it in your form of sinful self-centeredness. (hatred, pride, greed, lust, envy, sloth…).
7. Do the same process of moral inventory for fears.
8. Do the same for sex. Find how you have been inconsiderate and self-centered in your sexual behaviors.
9. Confess to God and another human being the exact nature of your sinfulness and the self-centeredness that is at the root of your all our spiritual problems and powerlessness.
10. Be willing for God to take away these defects of character.
11. Ask God to take away these defects of character and to fill you with His love, His power, and His presence.
12. Begin doing good by making amends for the wrongs you have done. Say to those you have wronged, “I was wrong”.
13. Continue daily to take moral inventory of anger, sex and fear. When you are wrong, quickly admit it.
14. Seek through meditation and prayer to improve your conscious contact with God which is the source of our power.
15. Having experienced a new righteousness, peace, and joy and a profound change of character, do good for others daily and share this source of power and this simple path with others.

The Even Simpler Path
1. Faith in Jesus Christ for power and deliverance.
2. Self-centeredness is the problem. Being filled with the life and meekness of Jesus is the answer.
3. Take moral inventory of anger, fear and sexual behaviors to discover some details regarding your character defects and sin.
4. Confess to God and another person and ask for a new life.
5. Seek to live by this rule daily in prayer and daily moral inventory.
6. Share this solution with others in need of this life and power.

God Bless,

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