Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Simple Path – Assignment 2

Well, I did my assignment. (Assignment 1)

We have discussed being “poor in spirit” many times at this site and I speak of it ad nauseam in our church and small group.

Our Lord’s first principle and teaching on how to enter the kingdom life is:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

To be poor in spirit is a person who has had life convince them that they are spiritually without resources in themselves. A person who is poor in spirit is convinced that they are powerless over their defects.

Jesus tells a parable of two men at the alter. One pounds his chest and says, “Whoa is me a sinner. Only say the word and I can be healed”. The other looks at the man next to him and says to himself, “Praise the Lord I am not a miserable loser like this poor guy”. Then Jesus says, “This poor sinner went home justified while the self-righteous religious man did not”.

This is a picture of the beginning of following Jesus. This spiritual beggar to enter the kingdom must first come to a place of total deflation. In order to do so one must not live a total prodigal life. A man could look quite righteous on the outside and be quite active in doing good and nonetheless come to a place of a deep knowledge of his spiritual poverty. Luther is a great example of a man who was quite religious but just prior to his conversion he came to the knowledge that he was a miserable sinner.

So today’s assignment is:

Q1: Convince yourself, God and another human being that you are a sinner. Convince them that apart from the power of God, you are a totally hopeless case. Use specific life examples.

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