Saturday, October 15, 2005

GodBlogCon - Friday Afternoon - Influence

I went to a session of GodBogCon on Friday afternoon. The question to the floor and a panel or David Wayne, Andy Jackson, John Shroeder and Joe Carter was "can blogging have an influence on culture".

One thing is very encouraging. Everyone agrees this media is evolving and that we need to network outside of blogging. So the idea is to begin meeting people face to face or over the phone or however to develop some group blogs.

Also, I really think that most of the blogger do NOT feel their real calling is politics. My take on the role politics has taken so far in the blogosphere is that politics is an issue that is already in the culture so networking and blogstorming politics already has a great deal of momentum. The key for Christians is not to use the party mechanisms that already exist and jump in but to create new networks of other ideologies and causes other than politics. What again is encouraging is that I think most people want to do this.

So my job here as an individual blogger is to begin networking to create a type of magazine for people interested in missional and monastic lifestyle. Dan Edelen is into restoration of 1st century practice as are many many others. Tod Bosinger is bloging on the kingdom and kingdom theology and practice. Hello...The Spirit is speaking this message to our congregation and to pastors so how do we create some momentum? How do we get something moving that can have influence on the church and the culture?

So if you know some great bloggers or even non-bloggers who might be on the same page as what I tend to write please leave a note or send me an e-mail. Or just join the dialogue!!!

God Bless,

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