Monday, October 10, 2005

Principle 3 - Meekness

I intend to post a few entries on meekness. This first post is an introduction of this doorway into the experience of the kingdom. Of all the principles I love, meekness is at the top of the list. I encourage you to consider this principle deeply and to seek how to enter meekness. Truly, meekness is the doorway into the experience of a truly heavenly quality of life.

The purpose of this blog series is to put together about 20-30 questions that form the basis of a simple practical walk through the Sermon on the Mount. Theology behind these short posts is my personal experience and strong faith that coming under the Lordship of Jesus by putting into practice His words leads to a very blessed life.

In every post, I like to review the most core principle of all. “Blessed are the poor in spirit”. This teaching reminds us that we are spiritually bankrupt and that everything we desire spiritually comes from the Grace and Power of the Gospel. This grace and power delivers us from our core problem of sin and self..So onward

So far we spoke of:
1. Powerlessness
2. Faith

Now let’s look at the next beatitude, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”

Nothing is more contrary to our natural tendencies than meekness, yet meekness is the doorway into a new life, the kingdom. Where an awareness of our powerlessness is a foundation principle, meekness is the actual doorway into a new experience and a new way of life.

So what is meekness?

Meekness is the absolute ceasing to fight for our agenda and believing that God will fight on our behalf for His agenda. Meekness is the abiding practice of death to self.

Most of us travel through life disappointed that things have not turned out as we planned. In life’s circumstances, we have attempted to manage situations to get certain ends to have people behave certain ways and for the outcomes of life to produce a certain level of blessing in our lives. We are all like actors with each of us trying to direct the play and have the scene come out the way we want it. We want people to like us. We want a promotion. We want recognition or respect so we begin to manage perceptions. We buy things and adorn ourselves. All of this directing and managing sets us up to be disappointed and hurt. All of this concern is self-centered. The answer is Go-centeredness. Meekness is the absolute acceptance of God’s care and managing of our lives. Our task in life changes. We are responsible for doing His will of love in every situation, and He is responsible for the outcomes. We are no longer in management. We are meek.

Every human relationship has power dynamics and politics. The meek do not manage power or play the games of politics and by so doing it is the meek that will inherit the earth for only the meek are truly free, trusting in God for outcomes, to live a moral life based not on power and results but on principles and love.

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