Saturday, May 27, 2006

Link - incarnation's Living

Common Grounds Online: Corey Widmer, The Trial of the Incarnation

This is a good article about a faith community facing the difficulty of living in a more dangerous neighborhood.

As for our family, we have six kids, and we live at times with strangers in our home. This poses a similar dilemma. The question is what do you want your kids to learn is Godliness. Is it Godly to avoid the beaten up people of the world and move to the other side of the street or is it best to draw near to the broken and bind their wounds. If we teach the former, we teach our children a gospel of worldly comfort and isolation, but if we teach the latter we teach the compassion and love of God. Sure there is a price to teach this about God but if God had been this protective of His Son, Jesus would never have moved to our neighborhood and suffered with and for us.

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