Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Muratorian Fragment - The Canon and the Da Vinci Code

The Muratorian Fragment

In The Da Vinci Code, Brown makes assertions that Constantine choose the books of the bible. This is just willful ignorance or worse. For example, The Muratorian Fragment is accepted as being written about 170AD and lists the books of the bible almost exactly as they are accepted today. The only issues unresolved were the issues regarding "the disputed books" which are basically Hebrews, James and 2nd and 3rd John. None of these councils are news to any student of history. None of the "other gospels" were ever considered, and, even as early as 170AD, we can see that the basic rules for being seen as worthy of being read in church are clear. Was the book written in the age of the apostles and by a credible witness?

The Da Vinci Code simply plays on people's fancies and ignorance. I will write more simple pieces on this movie and novel as I feel I can add a simple concise analysis which might be helpful.
For more information see here...The Canon and the Disputed Books

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