Friday, August 18, 2006

An Eternal Perspective

An Analogy
Imagine for a second that you are a day laborer and you just got hired to work at a big company. The boss says to you, “Today is the most important day of your working life. I have a challenge for you. If you work well this one shift, I will give you a career and a 20 dollar an hour raise. I will guarantee you a job for life and a career if you only work diligently and wisely this one shift.” If we were a young man with responsibilities trying and struggling to provide for our family and we were given such an offer, we would work hard. We would concentrate and work through our break. One hard day of work for a lifetime of security and provision for our loved ones.

Then the boss says, “ The key to yourself is that you have to ask questions. I know the answer to how you can be successful and I will help you be successful. The one who is successful is the one who asks questions. I built these machines you are responsible for running. I can teach you the best way to run these machines. If you ask me and work diligently and wisely and take my council, I guarantee success.” If this advise was given us, we would ask questions. How do I make the machine run smoothly? We would ask questions and get help from this brilliant benevolent owner engineer. And if we do, we are guaranteed success.

Our Life
Our lives are just like this analogy. Our lifetimes are but a brief moment compared to eternity. Our lives are like a shift of work followed by a lifetime of bliss when we compare our lives to eternity. How much more ought we to work wisely and diligently? How much ought we to work through our breaks and ask the Master to send us a helper? How much ought we to prayerfully seek wisdom from God who guarantees to send us wisdom that we might succeed in this endeavor called the expansion of the kingdom? Our lives are like a vapor here today and gone tomorrow when compared to the weight of glory that we shall receive at His returning. If instead we take extensions on our breaks and are too proud and foolish to ask the owner of our lives how we ought to live and to listen and obey, we are the most lazy and foolish. So I encourage you. Work today while it is still today that we may enjoy the pleasures of eternity forever in the presence of our Lord.

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