Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Yuan Appreciation Day

Gradual Yuan Appreciation Has Net Benefit To China -
See this post for my comment: Yuan Appreciation Great News

The Appreciation of the Yuan - Great News

Yuan ends 2010 with a flourish, up 3.6 percent on year
Happy New Year!! I find this very comforting. As the Yuan appreciates against the dollar, US exports become more competitive in the Chinese market. Also, Chinese imports become less competitive in the US. This is good news for the US worker, like me, and for Hedge funds who are smart enough to go short on the dollar.

Man, if I only had, 100 million dollars of collateral, I would go short on the dollar for about a billion. It feels good when the big money and the American worker are in the same boat. I am bullish on 2011 (with the one exception of the housing market).
Happy New year, brad