Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Live Blog of Hillary Clinton at Stanford on Counter Terrorism - 3-23-2106

Live Blog: 3-23-2016

Overall an excellent speech. Intentionally wonky. Intentionally sophisticated in order to show that Cruz and trump are totally in over their heads.

Implies how Obama represents true leadership. She explains well what real American leadership looks like. Partnering and not bullying.

What doesn't work:
Clinton: It does not work to alienate Muslims in America. 
She gives testimony of her experience. Explains how these Muslims are assets in the fight. 
Cruz is wrong for demonizing Muslims. This blanket bigotry is dangerous. 
Gives example of 1000 policeman in NYC. 

This is a strong argument. She is really pushing her knowledge. She is gaining steam. She is presidential and Cruz and Trump are not. Notice: She has not mentioned Sanders even once.

12:10 Syrian refugees: Solution is the cease fire. Create safe areas for Syrians
"It would be wrong to shut our doors. Terrorists cannot intimidate us to abandon our values."

The goal is to let the voters know that she understands how International relations works. She is showing how ignorant Trump and Cruz's comments have been.

Clinton: We need to revoke passports of those we know have joined IS.
Focus on hot spots: prisons, neighborhoods

Clinton: "How high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out."
It would be a serious mistake to stumble into another ground war.
It would be a serious mistake to carpet bomb. Such talk makes it sound like in over head.

Clearly, giving a candidate speech.
Talking about importance of NATO and need to maintain partnerships and allies.
Allies extend our reach.
Clinton: NATO provides bases. A huge strategic advantage that Moscow and Beijing cannot match

Clinton: If Mr trump gets his way it will be like "Christmas in the Kremlin."

11:49 Three Part Plan:
1. Take out ISIS strong hold in Iraq and Syria. Intensify coalition. Step up support for local ground forces.
2. Take out the infrastructure..finances. Waging on-line battles.
3. Harden our defenses at home. Brussels demonstrates our weaknesses.

Opening with Michael McFaul. @McFaul

11:42 am Hillary starts talking about Chelsea's time at Stanford.

11:45 Sec Clinton describes recent atrocities of ISIS. Uses the word genocide. Genocide against religious minorities.