Friday, November 12, 2004

Around the Blogoshere and the Internet

You know life is good when "W" reads your blog. He almost quotes me here on Spending Capital on Peace in the Middle East. LOL

Also, I have changed my blog roll by adding a lot of other people who think a lot like I do. Yes but .. has a bit on True Freedom .

Pure text has got the goods on the complimentary nature of scripture and experience.

Nicene theology actually links "The Little Flowers of Saint Francis" in his Book Feeding Time. I am in heaven. And here and here and here.

God bless John Depoe too!!

Oh and Jaytheophilus for trying, like all of us, to put it all together.

Mojoey's got more lists of Arafat terror facts.

Yeah I got a new computer and my iPod is working out great. I just had a good elder meeting. I am in a giving mood.
God Bless,

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