Friday, November 05, 2004

Poll - What is the best music or song of the 21st Century thus far??

Best Music of the 21st Century Thus Far – Nominations

I woke up this morning singing what I think is just a great song. I danced around the house singing and “moshing” around with my six kids before they went to school.

So I thought, “This song is the best song of the 21st Century thus far”. Then it occurred to me that I am the weirdest person on earth. Why??

Well, my nomination for best song so far of the 21st Century…The envelop please...

That is a secret for now!! After a few days of comment, I will give up my radically eccentric and eclectic nominations!!!

Make your nominations.

OK, I will give up one of the top twenty. This album isn't #1 by any means but it is a must have:
Linkin Park "Meteora"

Music the whole family can love!! :)

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