Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Couple Interesting Links

Mojoey ,a friend from work, led me to this post about Arafat’s Legacy of Death

Totem to Temple has this post on an e-mail he received from a man and his family who is leaving the prophetic movement. "Why I am Leaving the Prophetic Movement" . I hate to be devisive BUT..this needs to be said.
I left this back in 1998. I left because my kids were getting older, and I hated the speculative thinking. I refused to raise my kids in such an anti-intellectual environment.
I shared an office directly next to John Paul Jackson’s. This man literally thought the earth was flat. I began to have my doubts.

Also Parableman is talking about bigotry in the media against Christians.
I left this comment:
I have a great story. When I was in graduate school in education, I noticed after the first semester that the bias against Christians was intense. So in my second semester, I performed an experiment. I simply did well and hid my fundamentalism. Many times I had my essays read out loud by the professor before the class. Actually, she only read my essays. She even said once that she was reading my paper and had to call her collegues because she was so excited about the content. I was easily her favorite student. BUT...
She was Angela Davis-type, leftist, feminista radical. I mean she was a Christian hating, wealth distributing, pro-abotion-in-all-cases radical.
So, after the last class session, I approached her. I said to her, "What do you think is my stance as a writer." She said, "Well, I know you graduated from Stanford and are well versed in science, but I am not sure. I have been thinking about that." To this I said, "Who are the most ignorant and uneducated people in our 20th century American society."
To this she said and I do not lie, "Your not a Christian are you."
"The only one you have ever met. I am a fundamentalist Christian", I said. She admitted that she had never met a born again Christian before.
I explained to her that I had sat in this class listening to her stereotypes, and I decided I am going to help this woman understand the depth of her bigotry. I told her you see Christian like clansmen see little black sambo. I explain to her that most of my friends have advanced degrees from prestegious schools and still believe in the bible.
She was floored. She confessed she had stereotypes and that I had helped her to see that she was wrong.
The bigotry is very real out there, but we can win folks over one relationship at a time.

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