Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yasser Arafat is Dead - A Great Opportunity for All of Us in the GWOT

This to me is such a BIG event that I just have to break my, I don't blog politics, rule and blog a little on Politics. Here is the premise:

I think Yasser Arafat was a terrible leader for the Palestinians and for the Israelis and for the whole world. This man was in a league with Hitler and Stalin and Mao.

Last year I read, William Shirer's, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I read this to better understand megalomaniacal leadership. My desire is to understand the servant leadership of Christ, and so I read an example of the opposite. Well, I see many traits similar to Hitler in the person of Arafat.
1. He was absolutely uncompromising because he wanted to see his vision of a greater Palestine come to pass.
2. He was completely politically minded. He would do whatever it took to achieve political ends. This is the heart of fascistic terror.
3. Arafat was notorious for playing political mind games. Lying to reach his end and say anything
Blah Blah Blah....

Arafat was a very evil man who got to power by very evil means and did very evil things all his evil reign.

Now with Arafat gone there are three possible outcomes:
1. The young lions take over the PLO and it stays radical like Arafat.
2. Hamas and Islamic Jihad take over the movement and the situation stays the same.
3. The moderates take over the PLO and Hams and Islamic Jihad are crushed and the peace process goes forward like butter.

Now here is my prediction. The middle east peace process will flow like butter. With Arafat out of the way, the process of obtaining a two-state solution will be rather simple.

Therefore, if Bush spends his political capital on solving the peace issue in Israel and sends Powell and someone like Dennis Ross to the region, all will go very well. We must do what it takes to win this one.

The outcome of this transition of the leaership of the Palestinians is huge in the GWOT.

Therefore, pray that the president and his administration has wisdom on this one. Pray for the peace of Israel. It is a pivotal battle in the GWOT.
God Bless,

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