Monday, February 07, 2005

Blogging on Bloggging - A Passion for Content

Many people, myself included, equate the story of blogging with the story of Marin Luther and the printing press. If I get the story generally correct, Martin Luther posted his thesis and it was his students that printed them and distributed them without Luther's knowledge. Due to the role of the new media, all Europe was soon talking reform. Taking up this theme, I would like to make a challenge to my fellow bloggers

What is Your Purpose in Blogging
1. Content: I have been searching high and low for good content lately and I find slim pickings. Even in the emergent context, I find few inspiring posts that discuss a new approach to church. Probably the best blogs for content are the pastor blogs especially Tod Bolsinger. The key I think is in this principle: Luther had an agenda. Bloggers need agendas. This is why the political bloggers (which I absolutely can't stomach) are actually good bloggers. They are networked around their passion for their agenda and their ideas. Where is this passion and agenda in the church reformation community?

My goal is to use blogging to create discussion and incubate a SCHOOL of thought regarding church renewal and mission.

I encourage bloggers to define their agenda, their goal, and plead their case and develop their worldview through blogging. To me, blogging is not a hobby. Blogging is not an end in itself where we have "fun" having casual conversation with people around the globe. Blogging is another way to get a message out and to network with people who are asking the same questions. Our blogging needs to be more "purpose driven".

2. Church Renewal and Reformation: The church is attempting a reformation. The first reformation was regarding our theology. We need to hold tight to this foundation of biblical authority and Gospel doctrine, BUT this current reformation is about OUR CHRISTIAN PRACTICE. There is a great deal at stake. The emergent thinkers are asking great questions, but the answers need to come from the whole body of Christ and need to respect BOTH recent and ancient history. The questions are attempting to give answers as to why the current moral distinction of the church is so pitiful. We do not make disciples well. The church in general has monumental problems that greatly effect our witness. Bloggers need to get engaged in the discussion.

We have dabbled with this new media and learned how to make links and how to make "friends", but we as GodBloggers have not learned how to make a difference.

I look to pastor bloggers and philosopher bloggers and devotional bloggers and apologetics bloggers to begin using blogging to learn and discuss church reformation and become engaged in the discussion. Develop a blogging purpose and a humble agenda.

If it is appropriate to speak of Martin Luther in the same breath as blogging, then our passion for content must greatly increase. We need to labor dilegently to learn and to provide new and usable ideas for the reformation of the church ON THE GROUND.

God Bless,

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