Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Blogs on This Block

For all practical purposes, I am still on my bloging break. The life story series is very easy to write compared to my normal radical change in the chuch posts. Also, my apologies to everyone for the less than inspired posts lately. I think I am going to start posting a little more inspired posts but that means I have to start getting up early again.

In the mean time, I updated my blog roll.

Blog of the Month is: Under the Acacias. This is a Missionary Blog and deserves a daily read.

Also, I added the following:
Liam Byrnesy
Pete Porter
Expat Teacher

And a Teen Blog that is great:
To Be Least

An a friends music site
Tom's New Songs

check out all these sites and give 'em a regular read.
God Bless,

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