Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Something Beautiful for God-My Good Day

While I was getting ready for work today, I realized a few joyful events had already occurred this morning that brought tears to my eyes. One of those happened right as I walked out the door to go to work.

As I walked out the door, I heard my five year old daughter crying and saying to my wife, “Mommy, I can’t find the picture I drew. I want to give it to my teacher”. I could feel the authentic desire to give a beautiful gift to her teacher. The gift she most wanted to give was a picture that my daughter herself had created. What is so wonderful is that this creation is actually a page from a coloring book. The pattern is set out ahead of time and my daughter picks the pretty colors she likes and tries to stay within the lines.

As I walked out the door, I thought, “Ain’t that the story of my life.”

Lord, all I want is to give you, my teacher, something beautiful. May give something that is according to your pattern but filled with the colors and the textures of my life experience. May it be according to the pattern you set for us. Amen.

Also, I read an e-mail this morning from Gordon (his new blog), Gordon says he decided to blog after reading some posts here at 21st Century Reformation. This kinda thing is happening more frequently. Yesterday, a young man from the UK (I can't find the link) had a link to my Sunday sermon. He said he had listened to the sermon just that morning as he got ready for his day. He even quoted a story from the end of the sermon. What a privilege.

I have always been a bit outside the structure, but blogging has opened up another platform to share the vision of the beautiful community and as time goes on it seems more and more people are getting excited.

Again yesterday, these college students from Missouri (and Here) sent an e-mail. These folk are so it. There emphasis is that blogging is just a way to communicate about community. Blogging and internet relationships are not the real deal. Blogging is a chance to share stories and be encouraged to press into community and live the dream where you are at.

So true…
God Bless,

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