Friday, February 04, 2005

Series on Charity and Libertarian Ideals

Michelle McClendon from Testimony and Truth (a great devotional and thoughtful blog) left me some encouraging words on my post this morning:
This stuff should be in a book so I can curl up with it. This is such important stuff, Brad. Thank you for taking the time to write this and to compel us. We need to hear this.

I am preaching on Barnabas this weekend so thanks for the encouragement...I have been finding fellow bloggers to be very kind and willing to spend considerable time reading my often long posts. Thanks every body.

Actually this morning after I posted, I was pretty happy how these three posts came together...So if you havn't read this as a series. Here they are...
The Cost of Morally Beautiful Community
The World System - The Context of Christian Charity (also see James Brink for some important comments on my post)
The Global Village and Materialism

I hope these posts encourage you in your obedience and imitation of the cross of Jesus Christ.
God bless, brad

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