Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Are You a Fundamentalist?

I attempted to post a short post on this question this morning, but my server connection went down. Before I got the post up, I had to go to work.

In that I am looking to read NT Wright and to do an in-depth study of Paul as I finish our study on ACTS at church and in that this is the first scholarly thing I have done since seminary on 1987, I can sense that the de-construction of my own fundamentalism is happening.

Also, I plan on doing some posts on "The Management Revolution" and how Christians can learn about Christian values from the rise of the idea of "values-based companies" and the new understanding of leadership in secular institutions.

So - Are you a fundamentalist? What is fundamentalism anyway?
I will post my mini-essay when I get home tonight. (hint: it has to do with a theology of creation)
God Bless,

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