Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Palm Sunday and Agro-Worship

I admit blogging has slipped in the last few months. I have decided to change my blogging theme from "blogging for reformation" to "blogging the reformation". In other words, I do not see blogging as so much being used to drive renewal. Instead, I see blogging being used to document the story of renewal as it happens and to give a place for discussion of "how do we describe this process" or "what biblical priciples or sayings of Jesus best describe our renewed practice". In any case, the story on planet earth comes first.

My Story - Today
For myself, I am expereincing some very positive renewal in my person. On Friday, we had a Violet Burning concert at our church. I was struck by how Michael Pritzl had grown both spiritually and musically since I knew him back in the late '80's.

The theme of the night for me was "worshippng God with all your strength". The music is very forceful rock, and, if you try to worship through it, the music forces you to worship aggressively. In attitude, it reminds me of the band "MORTAL" from the 90's. For those of you who do not know what this music is it is the more agressive rock sound (i.e alt or modern rock). HERE IS THE POINT:

Worship has progressed outside the camp, and I felt like I had not progressed with it. I was very convicted by the experience. "Oh, God have I let Your cloud move and I, in the busy-ness of life, have not moved with You." Have I become seculaized and spiritually dead through so much hard work and lack of sabbath and worship.

So, I have begun to pray and worship with more zeal again (like in the old days).
"Lord, I have let ______ into my heart. I have let ________ into my home. I have neglected ___________, and I have negleced this person and that ministry."

When I look at Palm Sunday this year, I do not see a celebration,but, instead, I am seeing Jesus weeping over the city and cleansing the temple. "Oh Jerusalem, the city of God, oh beautiful one, you missed your visitation".

This week I pray that you too would be awakened in your inner man. "Awake oh sinner and let Christ's light shine on you. Do not let any unholy thing proceed from your mouth. Be angry at your sin. Never let the sun set on your zeal. Give no place to the purposes of the evil one. Put aside all childishness. All bitternes. All gossip. Cleanse your hearts, and Christ's light will shine on you". Eph 4:17 -5:20 - my paraphrase.


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