Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dialogue at Dialogical over Morally Beautiful Community

I also posted the post, "Church as Prophetic Witness" over at Dialogical Coffee House.
The discussion is going well. Also here
I encourage you to get involved in this discussion.
I commented the following to some questions as to what Morally Beautiful Community looks like:
Great to see you are wrestling with the idea that the church as a corporate body is called to be a witness as a people of God's presence. What that looks like is the other "what's Next?" question. My goal is to turn the what's next question back to an emphasis of "it begins with the church". So glad you are wrestling. A few suggestions:
1. The prototype of the Moral Beauty of the Church is the book of Acts. The goal is to say how do we incarnate these same Moral Attributes in our space and time.
2. I get the term Moral Beauty from Edwards. He never exactly said Moral Beauty but "Moral Attributes of God" or "Excellencies of Christ". So, by Moral Beauty I mean that the moral attributes of the Trinitarian God are to be displayed in the people of God primarily through how we live together. An individualistic model of the church (church as filling station where I come to get grace) undermines the church in God's program which is to display the moral attributes of a Trinitarian God.
3. Looking at individual prophets from the Old testament is not a good way to say how the community is to look. If there is one difference between the OT and the NT it is that the "kingdom is within reach" to the church because the Spirit is poured out on the entire community.
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