Saturday, March 12, 2005

Posts as art- I just figured it out

I was responding the TallSkinnyKiwi's post on the 7 blogger deadly sins and I just figured it out. I see a post as a work of art. To me a blog post is most akin to a jazz solo in music. There may be a little point of reference or structure to work around but the core of it is to just take off into the inspiration of the moment and write. I love a good long hard blowing ecstatic Coltrane solo.

Should blog posts be modular and singular in topic so they can be archived and linked or should a blogger be presenting more of a gallery of his or her work.
Is it possible that in order to have a more impressionistic effect, we need to look at ways to change the nature of a blog interaction by changing the current interface. I would much prefer to visit a bloggers "gallery" or read his or her "book" than a short one point blurb. I think blogging is mainly self-expression and not linking information. The revolution is a self-expression revolution as well as an information revolution. The last thing I personnally need is more information.

Did I mention I need to switch to typepad or moveable type??

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