Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Been avoiding the Signsand Wonders Issue in Acts

Well, the time has come to bring up the issue of Signs and Wonders issue. WHY have I been avoiding it?
It is an issue of priotities. The priority to have people understand is that the key to Glorifying God is to have a winsome life like in Acts 2:42-47.
Nonetheless, Signs and Wonders was a part of the 1st Century Chrisitan Story. So I am looking at the Life of Peter and beginning to preach on Peter as the anti-hero. Peter is the greatest of all in my book becasue he is so full of weakness and he is so transparent about it.
The key verse here is in Acts 3 where Peter says, "It is not because of my godliness that this man is healed but becasue of the name of Jesus". Peter is the man. "I am just a fool like all you. It is Jesus that is our hero".

John Wimber used to say, "I am just a fat man going to heaven".

Hallelujah. Humility is the path to power. We are just kids who get to play. Grace. Grace. Grace.

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