Friday, August 20, 2004

An Example of Morning Prayer

If you are new here. This site is about discipleship through openness and observation. This post is going to let you in a little bit to my prayer life so that the reader gets a bit of learning on what morning prayer might look like. We do not talk openly about our spirituality very much BUT we need to with friends. We are not boasting but trying to help each other get to the next level and live the life.

My Prayer journal
Oh my, it has been bad lately. I have been really too busy and it makes me both stressful and prayerless. These are a bad combination. But this morning I prayed some.

I prayed and let the Sermon on the Mount paragraphs come into my mind and the sections on sexual purity and anger really brought me low. The word says “if you call someone in your mind a ‘knucklehead’ you are in danger. Well, I am in danger.

This is how prayer is to work:
1. The ideals are lifted up and we let the Lord tend to our heart.
2. We stand on the promise of life and forgiveness.
So I move into a call to the Lord for power to change the things I fail to change. I hand these areas over to Him for power and help.

“Lord give me wisdom ands honesty. Lets solve this problem today. I am willing to deal with the issue you expose before my eyes today and I will not worry about other things. I will focus only on the area you have for me to trust you in today. As I learn resolve this today, guard me and help me see something tomorrow. I am not wise so I follow Your lead. “

This is the method of rapid problem solving. We solve the problems of today and do not get overwhelmed with the big problems and long term issues that plague our minds. Not that these long term issues in our life do not need to be solved BUT I do not think morning prayers is the time to solve them. Morning prayers deals with the immediate needs of the day and how to walk in the Lord’s presence today.
Long term problems like maybe career or finance or church growth in my case maybe even family strategies like the kids school usually need a different place to contemplate and discuss. BUT morning prayer that is for the problem right in your face today.


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