Thursday, August 26, 2004

More on the Daily Cycle - Keeping it Real

OK, we had a bible study at our house so I failed to blog last night BUT..
Here goes my follow-up of yesterday and I will post more later.
Before I start let me say thatthe content of what I am going to say isn't the point but the method of being honest and humble and praying about observable problems. My problem is how I deal with conflict. Here goes..

I was having an extrodinarily good day. I was being very thoughtful and could very much listen and show concern for people I work with. If I was like that all the time I would be walking on water so to speak.

I even had a discussion with a friend about things going quite well


I got on the phone with a friend and I became very mean and argumentative. Here my take
I do the exact opposite of what I said we ought to do in the AA and Grace post. I do not let people be where they are in their journey. I try to force them to my solution as opposed to simply saying I am cool with XYZ but if you want my oppinion on ABC I am not into it. Instead I use forcefulness. AA friends of mine say that when you are disturbed it is your problem. So why do I get disturbed.

Here is the point. We need to pray and focus on solving the directly observable problems as they surface in our life and BE RUTHLESLY HONEST.Take ownership with things that happen during the day that are less than a beautiful picture of Jesus. Conflict is a big skill. I have conflict with people a lot and I need to learn how to handle conflict with great grace.

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david said...

... on todd hunters blog you said:I have two examples: 1. In my work I train executives in the scientific method meaning I train them to use their eyes more than their preconceptions. When we train the point is for the learner to learn, our rule is no prescribing. the trainer can only ask questions and cannot give answers. The giving answers in issues where people have a lot at stake (like their careers) always leads to arguements. BUT I am so controling that when I train I have to walk out of the room or I will start to control and give the answer. My weakness is in allowing people to not know the "right answer". Do people really have the right to experiment, the right to fail and the right to be "wrong". Giving people this freedom is really hard for an arrogant (#*$(*#$ like me. 2. The same is true at church. Today, we were having a meeting to get the church more visitor friendly. I have millions of ideas but that is not the point. People want to be told what to do, but we have to push them out of the boat and say "just do it". If it sucks, we will just do it again later. Enjoy the adventure. People are often too scared though to trust that failure is just an experiement that needs a new design. brad Brad Hightower • 8/14/04; 9:50:43 PM . . . GREAT COMMENTS!! With your permission i will start reading your blog regularly . . .david