Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Prayer, Revival and Witness Cont.

Real Funny Story about a Friend

I have this atheist friend and I pushed him yesterday about him being not right with God. He then said, “How come you are not an atheist etc” (see story below). Any way I went to lunch with him today and he said he had a dream. I was in it and I was selling soap. So I asked him, what in your life needs cleaning that maybe I could provide help with. He said, “My garage”. To which I responded, “very funny”. “What do you mean, I am serious.” So I said, “Could it be that I could provide ‘Soap for the Soul’”. He cussed at me and we had a little laugh. This is what I call Good Humor God style.

So the answer this speaks to our discussion. I am sure I can work it in here. The point is my friend and all our unbelieving brothers need to be convinced by the Holy Spirit that the Gospel is real. The Spirit can do many strange things to get people wet so that they can believe in water. They experience the providence and the conviction and the weight of the Gospel on their mind and soul until they come to realize that the Gospel story is true. Jesus is alive. He is Lord of all life. History has a purpose and their soul needs cleansing by the cross of Christ in order to become right with God.

Therefore, we pray and ask God to give the unbeliever an assurance of the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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