Friday, August 06, 2004

Peter and Power - the anti-hero

I am preaching this sunday on the story in Acts three where Peter says, "Gold and silver I have none but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth rise and walk." He grabs the lame man and picks him up. The lame man is healed and shouts for joy, "Leaping and praising God". Then. Peter preaches a sermon about how he is a nobody but Jesus is the Messiah.
1. God endorses the name of Jesus.
2. The Father is Jealous for the Name of Jesus and gives grace to the humble.
There is no Peter Barjonas Ministries, Inc. in the early church.
3. Peter shows his humility in poverty. Peter didn't take money or give money. This points to the need of people for the power of God not the Power of money.

These are the concepts at this point. Next week I will publish the actual sermon.

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