Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Let Me Put My Practice Where My Theory Is!!

Let Me Put My Practice Where My Theory Is!!

I wrote a “prayer journal entry a few posts back. I was very excited because to me this is the real deal. We let ourselves be observed and we document our learning in issues of authentic spirituality.

In that post I spoke about my struggles with a few things. I think I am doing better but that is not the point. The point is to show the method which I am not really following. The method is the idea of a daily cycle. The cycle is morning prayer of worship and a look toward the day. Then live your day and then evening prayer including journaling your reflections on the day. This cycle takes a good standard discipline. The key point is having prayer deal with the day ahead and then the reflection being very honest self reflection. Any problems? Any successes? The aim is to learn the skills of walking in intimacy with God and love of our neighbor. Learning to do these things will not “just happen”. We need to learn the skills like we would learn gymnastics.


I am by God’s grace going to attempt to do this live in this blog.

This morning: I really prayed about my own gracious and thoughtful speech at work and at home. I am very impulsive as are most human beings. Amen. My goal is simple “to be a listener” and a coach.

During prayer time I asked myself. Is this commitment to prayer and reflection worth it? I know in my head the answer is “yes”, but the reality is that one needs to actually believe that a noticeably different life, a distinctly improved story is attainable by grace. My answer is basically, “Yes, Lord I believe you can help me ‘walk on water’”. I believe but I am not sure I have the vision (i.e. faith) to actually motivate a new walk. We will see.

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