Thursday, September 23, 2004

blogging and the 21st century reformation

Before I start i would like to say a bit about blogging. Blogging is in the media due to Rathergate and the fact that the bloggers broke this story four hours after the '60 Minutes' documents piece of work. The bloggers are now saying that old media is dead or dying and new media is here. Well, time will tell but one thing is for sure and that is that the power of the internet allow people to get their voices heard and thereby change things at a much faster pace. It is a communication revolution. If you think how the first communications revolution was the printing press and that was immediately followed by the Reformation. Erasmus had his own printer friend and so did the reformers as they fought it out on the printer page. Then came radio and TV and this effected how war was perceived and how propaganda was used for the hearts and minds of nations.
Now we have the bloggers and the internet. Many voices being heard.
I believe this is an opportunity for fresh thinkers to bring change to the church. There are rumblings of young voices who need to be heard. The idea of authenticity and transparency as virtues in the life of Modern Worship in the 21st century church. The return to spiritual disciplines and the life of prayer. The role of recovery and community in the restoration of he soul.
I think that we need to think fast how we take back the hearts and minds of the west. Can we bring the message of a better life and true community through the Gospel.
Is the new media the answer. It is part of it. That much needs to be accepted


David said...

Thank you for the link, I have reciprocated and look forward to reading your posts.

David Heddle

Mojoey said...


As I read your post on blogging, I cannot help but agree. I know we don't do that often, but what the heck, this time I think you've nailed it. People all over the world are finding their voices. Others are listening. The power of the idiot box wanes, while the power of the rational voice gains ground. The new media of blogging offers an exciting future for the like of you, and for the likes of me. I'm pretty excited., I just wish I would stop getting hate mail.

It is near midnight again, my favorite time of the day. All is quite here , Jimmy Hendrix is playing Message of Love on iTunes, and I'm 20 pages into a paper on the marketing strategy of a failed company. I have many more hours ahead of me tonight, but despite the school workload, I find myself reading your blog again and again and again. You are doing good things here.

Oh, the bible study thing at work is a bad idea. Religion and work don’t mix.