Saturday, September 25, 2004

Some Points on Wisdom

In this study of Steven, I certainly have some good talking points about Steven 'as the every man' and 'the lifelong quest for wisdom'. One of my main points will be yesterday mornings post and also the idea:

How do you invest inyourself today for potential use of the Lord in the distant future?

BUT before I get into that (probably tonight). I want to post some links to my reading list for today. Can you say John Piper:
Sermon - Ministry of the Word , Sermon - preaching the Word and Winning Priests , Sermon - Steven's Crime (I probably won't use this one), Sermon - The Story of a Stiff-Necked People, and what looks promising for my purposes - Sermon - The Death of a Spirit Filled Man.

Next I go to Here is a great sermon. This is what I have been preaching on for months in a nutshell. I probably won't be able to use this tomorrow, but it is a great sermon anyway.

I am going to post this for now and then get back to other reading options for this study. I will need to read up on Proverbs chapters 1-5 as I am going to alk about setting long term goals in the quest for wisdom.

Also, don't let blogging interrupt your prayer life.
God Bless,

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