Monday, September 20, 2004

Fantastic Weekend - God is Faithful

I shared how I had an anxiety dream about being unperpared for preaching. I work a day job and it is really hard to focus on my sermon and do a good job at work, so I really start thnking about my sermon on Friday night. This week I had no idea what I was going to preach on by the end of friday night. I hadn't even settled on the passage. I am going through Acts but I could skip a paragraph. Anyway,

Saturday night our worship leader called me and said he was sick. I had to do worship too. Well, I worked pretty good on Saturday night and finished the Power Point presentation for the sermon.

I was totally in over my head for the weekend.

My power point to me seemed like a skeleton and very little real meat. I was still on Sunday morning praying, "Lord, what is the real point of this sermon".

Well, we made it through worship with no real problem. In fact, the set was pretty good. We have a good rythmn section. Our drummer, piano, and bass player can hold it down pretty good for the worship leader. The singers are good too.

So I went in the pulpit and I could not believe it. The sermon sounded like I had the whole thing memorized or something. Not that the content was so good but the style was the exact opposite of my expectation. It is a weird sensation when you literally feel like the Lord is taking over your preaching. It is improvisation but all the notes are the right ones. When you are not that good, it is so obviously a God thing. I am not encouraging a lack of preperation. I am just happy that God is so kind to us and helps us in our weaknesses.

The church has started praying and I had asked a few special people to pray for me on Saturday afternoon. Great is your faithfulness. That is all I can say.

be encouraged - prayer works. God is good!!

P.S. I will post more in the PM this week so I can focus on Prayer in the AM and not go online. I waste my time on-line in the AM and it undermines prayer. I am addicted to the campaign news and I need to stay off the internet in the AM.

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Pat in NC said...

Have you visited Spare Change? Bryan started a campaign to have Christian bloggers join a Presidential Prayer
Partnership. He assigns a date and topic relating to the election in a non partisan manner to an individual blogger. He posts each on his site and encourages us to read &/or copy the prayer to our own sites. He still needs bloggers. This is definitely one way of connecting with other Christians and I find it a blessing.