Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What are the Distinguishing Characteristics of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit?

In Acts 6, Peter says find men "full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom". So the question of this weeks sermon is "What are the distinguishing characteristics of a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit"?

This question has been asked by pastors and theologians for centuries. How could the church know who was "Full of the Holy Spirit"? Aren't all Christians, "Full of the Holy Spirit"?

What do you think?


P.S. Read below a bit on how to gain wisdom.

Looks like a good week of blogging is to be expected!!!


vanderwall7 said...

My name is Bill and I live in Shreveport.
I remember a quote from D.L.Moody. He was asked about the filling of the Holy Spirit and the why he needed to be filled continually. He said "because I leak".
It does say in Acts that the disciples "were continually being filled". It is not a one time occurance but a act of submission of self on a continuing basis. It is said that Finney when he would sense that he was getting empty would go into a closet and not come out until he was assured of the fullness of the Spirit he needed for ministry. People would just walk up to him unintroduced and say "you convict me of sin". I have just this week been reading about the "baptism of the Spirit" so I thought it providential that I ran across your comment on this site in response to a musical post. Maybe we can continue this here.
The evidence of being filled should be foremost the fruits of the Spirit "love,joy,peace,kindness,self control,etc..and also the power afforded by the Spirit, boldness, courage, strength, to do God's will.
Until later

passthebread said...

I will answer this question throughout the week.