Friday, September 03, 2004


Just a few words on the Republican National Convention. Note: I don’t say this to be partisan BUT..
What were the republicans trying to do. The republican worldview is America is a positive influence on the world and two that America having this positive calling can do anything it puts its mind to. In a word, the republicans are eternal optimists. This is why the republican convention keeps saying Reagan is our defining figure. Reagan boldly said America is right and the Soviets are evil.

Point: So too in the church. Optimism is the only appropriate attitude toward the churches future. To a republican, if you say something bad about America, thems fightin' words!! AMEN If someone says something negative about the church, I will fight. This is not always a good response but we must love the church passionately. Nothing motivates a person better than a passion for the church, a passion for her favor in the world, a passion for the churches and beauty. The prophets of biblical times would paint wonderful metaphors of their view of the church community. She is a stunning bride and a beautiful vineyard filled with succulent fruit and produce. She is coming to life from her place of low esteem. Her husband has helped her to become a new person. He has given her a new name and redeemed her. Such loving thoughts and encouraging vision for the church is the heart of the prophet. Though your sins are like scarlet, you shall be washed white as the snow is a vision of the church.

The pastor's passion is to build the beauty of the church, to restore her and grow her influence. This work requires an optimistic view of the church like a republican's view of America. I am not necessarily a democrat or a republican because life is not about America, as great as America is, life is about Christ and His church.

I think the RNC gives a very good lesson for the Christian. 'Do we love the church like a republican loves America?" "Are we optimistic like a Republican is optimistic?" "Do we see the influence of the church like a republican sees the positive influence of America?"

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!
God Bless,