Thursday, January 06, 2005

Politics is the Enemy of Morality

James at, Rooftop Blog, has made a great case against political activism in the name of "Evangelical Christianity".

James says:
GroupWhen the church presents its concerns as a laundry list of demands, we become a special interest group, and our price has been set. We lose our moral authority. Pay our price and we will be yours. Chuck Colson warned his brethren in "an open letter to the Christian church" last month against listing demands of the president or other elected officials. “To think that way demeans the Christian movement," Colson wrote. "We are not anybody's special interest group."

I have a saying which comes more from personal relationships than politics. I say, "Politics is the enemy of morality". When a Christian begins to play political games in realtiosnhips or in politics or makes manipulative threats, as some evangelical political groups are doing, we are playing politics in the name of Christianity. In so doing, we bring the Gospel of the Kingdom into the realm of man's petty desires. Our calling and the name of our Lord is far too holy to enter into such folly.

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