Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Wittenberg Gate Debate - My Challenge

Wittenberg Gate has asked for debate topics. I have thought for awhile about this and here is my response.

I have thought about a provocative topic. The question in my mind is, "what is something that is as pressing as indulgences in Luther's day?" "What is a worldview shaker?" Here is my topic.

Does the church need radical change?

Similar to the three areas of our life depicted below, I have seperated the question into three parts:

First, I contend the lifestyle of the church needs to completely change toward following a pattern similar to the first century church in terms of mission and community.

Second, I contend that the pastoral role and the definition of the pastor's role needs to be completely redefined in terms of discipleship and the rabbinic method of mentoring.

Third, the church needs to develop a method of sanctification that works.
These three levels of radical change are both vital and urgent in the church. So, I am siding on the "yes to radical change" side of the question.

P.S. This post is my breakthrough post for the week so far.

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