Monday, January 31, 2005

Tsunami Relief Concert with Violet Burning

In a post below "I Predict Morally Beautiful Community", I spoke of my longing for a monastic lifestyle of cultural and church renewal to flower in the 21st Century.
My heart longs for the church to become the kingdom or at least grow into the kingdom. From that earlier post:

The Renewed Church
I predict (and pray earnestly) that a Franciscan-type, incarnational, monastic lifestyle which promotes holistic cultural, social and economic renewal will arise in the inner cities and rural areas of North America and Western Europe which will bring renewal and revival to the western church. These Christian communities will be places of economic development and empowerment. They will produce cultural and artistic artifacts which will have enduring quality. These communities will incubate young minds for exploits in the sciences and the arts. These communities will marry intellectual and moral excellence with social action and authentic spirituality. In other words, these communities will emerge as a prominent expression of the church of the 21st century. Some of these communities will be closely aligned and supported by the churches of their forefathers and some will not.

Well, a few days after that, I was praying, and I said to myself, "Why are you not just doing what your heart desires. AMEN".
One of my great loves is music that moves a lot of air, and I always wondered why the churches do not support such great art in our regular outreach efforts especially to youth (young and old).

So, I picked up the phone and called our worship leader. "Let's start having concerts. Call Violet Burning and see if they can do a concert. Lets do it like in three weeks. See what is available in February. I want to do a Tsunami relief concert." Well, it is happening...

This relates to the Morally Beautiful Community post because our plan, Lord willing (and I predict He is willing), is to do charity concerts monthly. In the long run, my aim is to call the churches together to give and give and give and ultimately build the cultural and economic renewal centers I spoke of in the above mentioned post.

Let's just live the dream rock and roll concert at a time...

The concert is at Trinity CRC in Artesia (18718 Grayland between South and Artesia) on Saturday night February 19th. It will be $10 and I will take an offering too. The church will take $0 so 100% of the money will go to World Vision and the CRWRC.
God Bless,

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