Saturday, January 22, 2005

Warnie Acceptance Speech

The Warnie
Well, first, I would like to thank the one all us bloggers really owe the biggest debt to…Yes, I need to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

But on a more serious note, I really do love the idea of blogging as a new democratic institution, and I think blessing the long tail is a great way for the old school bloggers to help us newer to the scene get exposure.

I think we all gotta watch out for the addiction that blogging can be. The people who pay the biggest price for our extra hour or two a day of blogging are our families. If other people keep reading while we step aside awhile I think that is great.

Adrian led the way a few months back when he was out of commission and proclaimed himself “bored”. Isn’t that great that his blog took off AFTER he took time off. So, thanks for that as a great example.

Another great example of blogger integrity is when Rick Brady of Stones Cry Out decided to fast for a week from blogging right AFTER Hugh gave him blogger of the month. Then when Hugh said, “Post or your toast”, Rick stood his ground and kept his word to the Lord.

May we all remember, “pray first, blog second”. Keep encouraging one another especially folks you don’t necessarily agree with.

Thanks, Adrian….

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