Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Surf Report - Adrian And the Aggregators

Surf's Up San Diego
Topping today's surf report is the big kahona from San Diego..
Rick Brady is the king of candor. He is, also, the king of blessing the tail. Rick is to me integrity in blogging. Read here as Rick bites the hand that feeds. Ouch How do you spell integrity..FACTS!! Right on Rick.
No offense Hugh, but don't talk polls without first consulting a Master Black Belt Statistician...the blogosphere is a tough place...Just ask Dan Rather...

Also, Rick was probably the first blogger to give me an in-bound link.

Adrian and the Aggregators
So how do you like the name of my surf band...Just kiding. If you don't know, Adrian Warnock is on a holy tear of spreading the blessing. Adrian Warnock is a top of the heap blogger who has put in his time and been blessed by other bloggers including even the big Hugh Hewitt.

So in joyful Christian fashion, Adrian and others are finding ways to bless the rest of us.

Adrian was one of the first bloggers to send me a personal e-mail to encourage my writing. Adrian's method of blessing others is primarily the aggregator. If you don't know, the aggregators are lists of headlines and excerpts from all the posts of the bloggers that are signed up. Adrian has set-up a few aggregators:
The grand-daddy is "The Blogdom of God"
From here, David at Jolly Blogger created The League of Reformed Blogger's
Now, aggregators are picking up steam with a new Apologetics aggregator etc...

Well, this week as a result of Joe Carter and Adrian's lead, the Christian bloggers are really starting to do more out-bound linking and daily round-ups. I would like to give props to a blogger among many that have always been doing this:
1. A Physicist's Perspective seems to do a weekly round-up and is a very in-depth blogger. Here is an example.

Other Good Reads of Late:
1. All Things to All has a wonderfully written post on Pascal's Bet.
2. John DePoe, when is the book coming out. I think it should be called answers to everything. Here is his great post in support of the need for internal (i.e. rational) consistency in our understnading. Everytime I read John's post's I say o myself. Yeah, what he said.

There is another great post on the perils of blogging that I think is great. Hope I can find it..
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